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Bonnie Jennifer is a New York based social worker turned jewelry designer that fuses uptown chic fashion with downtown funk and sparkle.

Her jewelry line prides itself on original handcrafted designs and a selection of curated styles that are multifunctional, sophisticated and meaningful. Bonnie’s eclectic collection features semi-precious stones, 14K gold and charms that reflect both the spirit and individual beauty of her customers.

Growing up in a vibrant home, Bonnie was surrounded by cubistic sculptures and fine art. She took jewelry classes as a young teen and eventually sold her first designed piece right off of her neck. Whether wandering the streets of New York or musing over her mother’s antique book collection, she draws inspiration from the world around her.

After overcoming challenges throughout her own life, she was inspired to launch her jewelry line in 2010 with the hopes of channeling her own independence and inspiring others along the way.