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Custom Design

We offer everything from fine fashion to high end jewelry. This includes engagement/bridal to vintage makeovers from start to finish.

We create, design and work with you on your desired piece to make sure you are 100% happy. 

Please feel free to contact us at bonnie@bonniejennifer.com and we are happy to chat. 




 Moon and Star Necklace Revamp


Our client came to us & said she wanted to take her old jewelry from the 80’s & make something modern & chic. We were able to do this by melting down unwanted gold, popped out the gems/diamonds and start fresh.

custom-02.jpg          custom-03.jpg


custom-04.jpg          custom-05.jpg


custom-01.jpg          custom-06.jpg




24k Gold Necklace Revamp


This client came to us & said she wanted to take her heirloom 24k coin that was passed down from her great relatives from WWII & make something modern & chic. She didn’t like the rope surrounding the coin and wanted to still keep the look, value and style. We were able to do this very carefully. Removing gold can sometimes compromise the piece. As you saw in the previous makeover we used the leftover rope to put it toward money she paid for makeover.


custom-007.jpg          custom-08.jpg



custom-09.jpg          custom-10.jpg



custom-11.jpg          custom-12.jpg



custom-13.jpg          custom-14.jpg



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