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Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart 

To determine your bracelet size, wrap a strip of paper or string around your wrist between the palm and the wrist bone and mark the length. Measure that length and use the guide below to determine your bracelet size. Notice that there is some overlap in the sizes. If your wrist measurement is right in the middle of a size shown, that is your correct size. If you are towards the high end of one size and the lower end of the next size, you can decide if you want a slightly tighter fit, or if you would like to wear it looser. Remember that the bracelets can be adjusted to fit your particular wrist, this is just a matter of what length bracelet you should purchase.

Wrist size

5 5/8" - 6 1/8"            Standard (Small)

 6 2/8"  – 6 1/2″          Medium 

6 5/8” – 7 1/2″            Large 


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