Designed with purpose and made by hand in Brooklyn NY, Bonnie Jennifer was born in 2010. 

Founded on the idea that jewelry can be versatile yet classic, Bonnie Jennifer has successfully created the perfect staple. Crowned the "Queen of Gold Balls," her designs are on-trend, yet timeless pieces that transcend age and style. In addition to her no tarnish gold filled ball collection, she designs custom and one of a kind pieces which can be layered, mixed, matched and worn from day to night. Bonnie focuses on quality, multi functionality, and longevity — all while keeping in mind price and style. She wants her customer to feel each piece is an extension of who they are.


When Bonnie started her eponymous collection more than a decade ago, it was the culmination of an entire life of influences.

After getting a Master in Social Work, Bonnie dedicated the first years of her professional life to the field. Inspired by her developmentally disabled sister, she wanted to find a way to help others.  After years of being overworked and underpaid, Bonnie began to look for a way out. She wanted to find a more creative career that would also allow her to continue to pursue her passion for philanthropy.

Bonnie's artistic eye is inherited from her mother, who was an artist and a sculptor, and her business acumen was acquired from her father, a successful entrepreneur. Growing up in an atypical household filled with art and collectibles has always been a source of inspiration. She had her first real inkling that jewelry could be an actual career in 2002, when a friend offered $150 to buy a necklace right off Bonnie's neck that she had just strung together.

To honor her sister, Bonnie built her business model around giving back. Bonnie created Purpose with Purchase to put an emphasis on the charitable aspect of her company. She often partners with different charities to donate up to 20% of sales from these partnerships. Her newest initiative, Repurpose with Purchase, lets client recycle their old jewelry and use it to finance something new. This more sustainable option helps customers design their dream piece or to shop from her collection.

You can learn more about Bonnie, her collection, and her beliefs in bringing purpose to all aspects of our lives by reading her blog posts on her website at or follow her @bonniejenniferjewelry on Instagram