Photo by Visuals of Earth

The past year, or few years, felt as though all of our worlds have been turned upside down. For some this may feel like the landscapes of our cities are changing dramatically. For others, this change is most visible in the natural world. This transformation can be seen in our political, economic and social landscapes as well. It’s like everything is spun on its head like the needles in this picture ( also can reference the needles we are taking for the vaccine). But regardless of your perspective and interpretation, I’m sure that most of us can attest to wanting a sense of normalcy once again. I’m hopeful that this day marks an opportunity for new beginnings. The division and civil unrest our country has faced will not simply disappear with this new administration. We must learn to have productive and meaningful conversations with one another; to listen and realize true unity comes from the acceptance of diversity in thought and culture. This is the common denominator that we all share; the ability to reason as human beings. I wish our new President the best of luck in leading this hurt country to the path of recovery.

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